Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where does the time go?

Clearly, I am not very good at this blogging business. It's been long over a month since my last post. I missed the month of November entirely. But not to worry... Nothing particularly interesting has happened. My academic pursuits have been keeping so busy I've had much time for extra-curricular adventures. Besides, I'm sure I would only have bored you with rants about the Dewey Decimal System and treatises on the finer points of the reference interview.

But now the holiday season is upon us and I am free from school work and studying for a glorious month. I've decided to hang back in London for a week to get some errands done I've been neglecting all term. Some friends and I have also planned a week of "super awesome fun" before we head home for the holidays. So far our itinerary includes Christmas shopping, ice skating at the park downtown, trivia night at the grad club, an outing to see the movie Twilight, and an afternoon of crafty creation (mostly like to be scrapbooking and jewelry making). Then on Friday, I'll hop on the train home to my parents' house, armed with four or five good books to read over the holidays. I have a long overdue date with John Grogan's Marley and Me.

Christimastime is always ...er... interesting... when it comes to my family. I'm sure I'll have some stories to share over the next few weeks, and -- even better -- time to blog about them!

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Ehren said...

*gags* Twilight...