Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wanted: Braun

I feel like a weak and helpless little girl. I need to access a power outlet that's blocked by two large bookshelves. Initially, I thought I could move them out of the way myself if I removed all of the books, but alas, I cannot. They're just too big and too heavy.

I asked the building maintenance guy if he could give me a hand, but the answer was No. Building staff aren't allowed to help residents move or install things. (Gosh, what do all the little old ladies do?)

If I were still in Toronto, I'd call on one of my best guy friends for help. Maybe one of the strapping young lads at school is willing to help me out. I don't know—is it appropriate to request manual labour from someone you've only just met?


Ehren said...

The key is to hold a party, offer free food and have people move stuff around as a way to "prepare" for the party ;) -- there's some savvy marketing advice! (not)

Maha said...

Of COURSE it’s appropriate to ask people you’ve just met to rearrange heavy objects for you. But this is coming from a person who’s line of work routinely involves saying, "take of your boxers before I give you the antibiotic for your ‘hurtin junk" so my frame of reference is skewed.